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Sophie Egginton chose to focus on a professional simulation within the interior design world by designing a house concept / proposal for her parents using meetings, discussions and prompts from them under the pretence of clientele (having recorded phone calls, in person meetings and negotiating on sketches together). The finished product will be her full proposal for them, with images of inspiration from them, images she has taken of their current accommodation, sketches she has created in response to what they have shown / told her. Her final product will include a transcript from one of their discussions, a magazine spread which includes photos from their current shared accommodation with points of focus labelled on it, and finally, their response to the proposal; which shall either say if she is to go forward with my concept or to adapt it. Throughout this project, it was interesting to Egginton to see how different people define what home is to them and differentiate that from just bricks and mortar with a few fancy furnishings.
Foundation Year - Interior Design

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The interior design consultation is an opportunity to see your home first-hand and start the conceptual process. It's a time to listen to your decor dilemmas, learn more about your vision for the space, how it fits in with your lifestyle, etc



                                     -START OF TRANSCRIPT-



MYSELF-                   What design style(s) do you prefer? --- because you mentioned the geo-Georgian is there anything else along that kind of thing


CLIENT-                     I like the very classical look, tall windows, tall doors, the high ceilings, I like the wooden floors, I like the deep skirting boards, the wide architrave on the doors, I like the traditional stone frontage,


MYSELF-           Is there any particular type of stone or colouration?


CLIENT-             I don’t know what the stone is but like a roman stone.





MYSELF-                   What design style(s) do you absolutely dislike that you wouldn’t have in your home? 


CLIENT-                     I don’t like lots of small rooms that lead into each other, I feel it’s very much like a maze or a warren. I like open space; I don’t like boxed in features or small tiled fireplaces/hearths I like the big open wood style fireplaces with a tile inlay. I don’t like flat roofsI prefer domed or pointed traditional style roofs, I don’t like serving hatches or interconnecting room windows. I don’t like the idea that you have to walk through a bedroom to get to a bathroom for other people to have to do that too.


MYSELF-           What about jack and jill?


CLIENT-                     I don’t mind jack and jill for bathrooms, but I don’t like if I had to get to say [REDACTED]’s bed. room I would have to walk through my bedroom to get to theirs. But I don’t mind rooms sharing bathrooms.


MYSELF-           What colours do you like or dislike? 


CLIENT-             I like greens, chalky style colours.


MYSELF-           Muted?


CLIENT-                     Yeah and mauves, and I like lavenders, very natural, I like blush I don’t like bright colours, I don’t like fuchsia pink.


MYSELF-           So like soft natural tones?


CLIENT-                     Yeah, I like soft natural like chalky colours. If you had a bright fuchsia and knocked it down with white so it was pastel, they’re the colours I prefer. Although saying that I do quite like my bathroom at the moment and its teal and quite dark but it’s quite a big room.


MYSELF-                   It’s still a very natural colour as well --- so you don’t like anything too garish.


CLIENT-                     No I don’t like patterns per say. I’m not a lover of dots and dashes and stripey wallpaper. I prefer paint although saying that I do like my bathroom again which has a  contrasting cream wallpaper with blue birds on it. Which sounds awful but it’s just outlines, and it does pick out the teal in the room, so it works.


MYSELF-           So still a nature theme?


CLIENT-             I like florals I don’t like geometrics. 


MYSELF-                   What patterns, if any, do you like? – we’ve kind of covered this but is there anything else?


CLIENT-                     I like florals I like birds, I don’t like geometrics I don’t like crosshatches. I don’t like tigers and leopard print.


MYSELF-           Nothing too eccentric?


CLIENT-                     I mean I don’t mind as maybe a soft furnishing to highlight something in the room, like and elephant pillow like I had a long time ago on the sofa. But I wouldn’t go leopard print or lots of  umbrellas repeated over and over. I don’t like repeated patterns. Small patterns – I don’t mind if they’re big because you don’t seem to get so many [repeated]. 


MYSELF-           Do you have any inspirational images you can share? 


CLIENT-             Yes, I can send them across.





MYSELF-                   What does your family normally do in this room  (i.e., what is the intended use of this room)? 


CLIENT –                    I mean not really any purposes but in an ideal world id like a room where we can relax in, go to like a snug in the evening with a nice fireplace, And then have a more open living area for when all the family comes around, And obviously I’d like a dining area, whether that be joined to the kitchen, although I think a private dining room might be quite nice if we were ever having a special occasion i.e. Christmas. But we don’t really need like a games room or a cinema room. Maybe an office.


MYSELF-                   That’s fine, so there’s no desperate need for a certain kind of room?


CLIENT-                     No – actually a boot room, somewhere I can wash the dogsdown after they’ve been splodging. 


MYSELF-                   Are there any furniture or decor items you absolutely want to keep?  Please attach photos and measurements if possible. 


CLIENT-                     Yes, I definitely want to keep my big 8-seater dining table. I definitely want to keep my grand sofas I definitely want to keep my king-sized bed


MYSELF-                   What do you like/dislike about the current design of your home? Please attach pictures if you have any.


CLIENT-                     In my house at the moment I like the wide architrave around the doorways, I quite like the layout, I don’t like the fact that I have to come upstairs to get to the main floor. I would like French doors out of my kitchen into the garden area. But I like the shutters and I like the big windows and the sash windows, and I like the tall ceilings, so I’d like to keep those features. The only thing id change is the way you have to come upstairs to access everything. I love my stairs though. Don’t get me wrong. But I wish that was the staircase going up to the other floor.


MYSELF-           Rather than the current servants style staircase?


CLIENT-             Yeah rather than the spirals I’d prefer the grand staircase.


MYSELF-           Do you or your family have any special needs? 


CLIENT-             No


MYSELF-                   Is there anything you’d like me to keep in mind like wheel accessibility in the doors or is that not really a concern?


CLIENT-                     It’s not a concern at the moment but I think if we followed the design. Of the Georgian wide doors, it wouldn’t be an issue anyways because they’d be plenty wide enough for a wheelchair


MYSELF-                   What are some of your hobbies/passions (e.g. traveling, reading, painting, cooking, etc.)? 


CLIENT-                     I like traveling, my dogs are my key possessions. I’d like it to be dog friendly. I do find this house a lot easier and quicker to keep clean than the last house. Because it was lots of small rooms and the only real heating was a coal fire. Whereas here I like the cast iron radiators.


MYSELF-           So easy to keep clean is really important.


CLIENT-                     Yes because we’ve got 4 dogs, and a cat so obviously we want nice access for the cat to get in and out and nice garden area for the dogs to into, French doors easy access because they’re getting old.  


MYSELF-           What is your budget? 


CLIENT-             Between 250 and 300, so let’s say 280.






Clientele response

We are very happy with the design elements and plans that Sophie has put together for us in relation to the design and outlay for our new house.  We believe that Sophie has taken all the information that we gave her with regards to our requirements on board and has come up with a very accurate interpretation of our desires.  The colours she has choose for the interior match our brief as well as the back boot room for the dogs and wet weather wear.  The open plan hallway is a must with the double height ceiling and the light chamber in the roof giving a modern twist whilst keeping the exterior and the rest of the interior very traditional.


Sophie's main inspiration behind her project was to see if she was capable to work successfully with a client and produce a well rounded proposal based on a brief.


This was a personal passion for Sophie as she was able to combine 3 of her main priorities in life; her family, design freedom and traditional homes.


Sophie titled her project "Gifford: Grand Design" as she felt it was to the point but still stood out from just listing the client name or using 'project one' etc.


Sophie produced a concept board for her home proposal, supported by a meeting transcript and the clienteles response to the proposal.


Sophie used a mixed media approach, using paper, card board, fabric, wood etc. as there were multiple different aspects of the house design she wanted to represent and explore.


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