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Saga El Banna is a "designer, illustrator and photographer", as she is interested in those topics. Saga is still finding her "niche" when it comes to art and how she can express herself through it. She realised recently that she adores cartoons, comics, animations and anime! She didn't see herself exploring this side of her interests, delving deeper into her art and found it interesting, then she thought about what makes a cute design? Why do we like it so much? Exploring the characteristics and the science behind it... So she has decided to make it into a zine, where it allows her to explore and delve deeper into what she admires most, Graphic design, experimenting and research.
Foundation Year - Graphic Communications

The FINAL zine!

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zine before changes.

Where it all started!

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It all started when I experimented with Photoshop and Illustrator to make this character design where it came from my research through Youtube/tutorials. It inspired me to do more where you can see in the zine. I got inspired by comics style but has a modern look to it. I was also focusing on making it look 'vintage'. I am happy with how it turned out. 

about the project.

What was Saga’s main inspiration for her project?
Saga loves watching animations like cartoons and anime. She was extremely inspired by comic books as she has been reading Scarlet Witch and The Vision comics and also has watched Invincible inspired by a comic series. She wanted to make a magazine about character making but she also loves to buy cute characters merchandise as it is aesthetically pleasing for her, she combined both and made a zine!

Why was this a personal passion of hers?
She loves making magazines, but is aware she isn’t the best at making them but knows that she is learning with time. Saga likes going into this shop called ‘Magalleria’ in central Bath to check out magazines and she has a fondness for a lot of magazines that get’s her inspired. Another place she enjoys checking out online is Pinterest which she has a lot of boards with inspirations on, besides that she benefits from checking out artists from Instagram as well as books shops.

Why did Saga title her project the way she did?
She thought so much about having a unique title but she could not think of something that unique. In the end she decided to just make it simple and call it adorable, then she had the idea from her partner to call it in Italian ‘Adorabile’. While she was showing her lecturer her work she told her how an english person would read ‘Adorabile’ in a english way and not in the italian way so she suggested Saga to put an accent on e and make it that way (é) and with an accent it will make the english reader think that it isn’t supposed to be read in an English way. 

What work did Saga produce?
Saga has produced a zine about the cuteness of characters and how companies manipulate us into buying merchandise of those characters due to how we perceive them . While she was preparing her exhibition she thought about making sculptures of the character on the zine and the material she used was clay. She also made a poster to go with the table that she got from the university. 

What mediums did Saga use and why?
Saga has used mainly Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign to create her zine and to publish it she has used a website called where you can post your own magazines, she has used it before for her previous magazines/zines.


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