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Miya Kaur

Fashion Design

'Not Your Typical Woman'

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As a Fashion designer/artist, I like to talk about problems we face in the world, and I like to make a statement and show this through the work that I create. This garment I have created ('Not Your Typical Woman') was inspired by what was happening with women today (such as Sarah Everard) and what has happened to women over a much longer period. My garment draws inspiration from the Suffragettes, The Women's movement and women today. This has informed my use of the colours White, Purple & Green as those are the colours representing the suffragette, The Women's movement and I feel as though its a good representation of women. I researched Sophia Duleep Singh, an Indian and British Princess, whose Grandfather was the Maharaja (King) of India, and she was the Goddaughter of Queen Victoria. I admire Princess Sophia as she was of both British and Indian culture, like me, and she was one of the prominent Suffragette leaders who fought for what she believed in. My Uncle is a historian and has some of the garments Princess Sophia wore, and I had the privilege of seeing that firsthand and my project draws inspiration from her attire and history.

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