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Mckenzi Martin

Creative Arts Practice

Patterns of the world

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Patterns are seen everywhere all around the world, they are influenced by culture, religion and history. This project delves into the world's most well known countries for this type of art. Here i have looked into Moroccan, African (Nigerian) and Chinese pots and to see the vast spectrum of patterns. Allowing me to see how these cultures are represented through these notable patterns.


After 10 weeks of research experimentation and making i have finally completed my final major project titled patterns of the world. i wanted to explore many different ways of making pots and creating patterns in the way that we wouldnt typically do them, for example i used mostly earthen ware for these however i also used terracotta this is because i wanted to see how using different elements work with trationion. initially i wanted to make a new pot each week however it way unrealistic and i found that making making three pots allowed me to explore in more depth. i also wanted to create my own style for my pot based on my own beliefs however i stuck with my newer idea. to change things up i used these different materials because i thought that it would be quite interesting to see how they react to different methods of making. 

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