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My main inspiration throughout my project was exploring and realising who I am as an artist, and a person. I no longer want to alter myself to fit into society's boxes or expectations. I want to  do what I want without getting stares from people around me, bit the main challenge is not caring what other people think and just accepting people for who they are.

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I have always been influenced by people's perceptions of me and how that makes me feel. however, during lockdown I started to not care what others think but to instead appreciate and love myself for who I really am. This began to give me confidence as lockdown went on, and I started to push the boat out with my art, trying to make it more individual rather than trying to fit into a box.

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I named my project "Exposure" to relay the sense of unmasking myself in my work. I originally had another project name, "Who the f*** is Grace Letherby?". However, after thought and consideration I realised it detracted from my work, instead of people thinking about the project they might have lost interest when they saw the title.

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I produced three A3 portraits of myself, that I had taken from a video of me taking off makeup.

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 I used eyeshadow, a type of makeup with a powdery consistency, to create my outcomes. I wanted to use my makeup because I felt that I had found a new more empowering way to use it, instead of changing my appearance.

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Grace Website QR Code.png
If you want to see the process of this project then take a look at her website with the QR code below.

For some of her personal work take a look at her instagram:


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