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untitled 01

eva lister

'untitled 01' is an exploration of the intensity within human emotion, the relationship between material, texture, markings, colour, and feeling. the deepest blue of solitude, the blood red of rage.

within this journey, i come to understand the calm that resides even in the worst sensations, and how emptying them into a manifestation such as a mask, painting or photograph, is an act of peacefulness. 

with this, my full installation is intended to reflect that release - an aesthetically beautiful composition of grief, pain, and hurt. 

Untitled_Artwork 15.png

hand stitched full face masks

image1 (2).jpg
image0 (3).jpg

hung with yarn, thread, and wooden pegs



painting 01 - my room

acrylic on board - 15x11"


painting 02 - odd down

acrylic on board - 22x16"

darkroom prints 


shot, styled, and developed by me - ilford pan 400 pushed x1, shot on olympus OM10. manipulated further in the darkroom using various processes such as solarisation, developer painting, etc

installation details

image0 (1).jpg

whispers of thoughts accompanied by selected poetry and writings by maggie nelson and sylvia plath


tied together with my own handwriting in black ink, taking its own journey across the wall

image1 (1).jpg

thread tangled and stretching across every part - every thought, feeling, connected 

image0 (2).jpg

whispers in broad daylight, unheard


my words, my emotions, my hurt, my humanity - are all my art, too.

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