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Charlie Ellis - Graphic Communications


My final project is an album cover for the alternative rock band pavement. The aim of this cover was to portray the 90s slacker culture through this cover, as this lifestyle is heavily portrayed within the bands music and general look. I also wanted to give the cover a vintage type aesthetic, as a homage to the bands original album artwork. With this in mind I aimed to create something that looked rough and messy, that reflected the slacker culture. A large portion of this project revolved around gathering textures such as rubbings, lino prints, printing with bubble wrap dying paper with tea, mark making with paint and making rips in paper. I produced a range of chaotic drawings of various 90s items, then edited them in photoshop to look like ink drawings. For the typography side of things, I experimented with a range of fonts, until I found some that I thought reflected the slacker culture. After editing various things in photoshop, I compiled elements of my gatherings into a front cover, back cover, spine, inside sleeve and the circular image on the actual record.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Inner Sleeve - Side One

Inner Sleeve - Side Two

All Album Elements Assembled

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