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Contrast - "it takes the contrast of darkness to be aware of the light"

Untitled_Artwork 9.png

Jessie Whitaker

My exhibition is based on the concept of contrast. This includes exploring contrast between light and dark, influenced by chiaroscuro in fine art, and also drawing on the inspiration of religious “light” and enlightenment. It explores how organic and structural form contrast and overlap in terms of shape, colour, silhouette, shadow and texture. The exhibition pieces take these concepts further, extending them into psychological meaning and interpretation via symbolic message. 

The barbed wire around the waist of the dress has a link to the concept of the crown of thorns and suffering. This is taken forward into my fashion designs and outcomes with the tie-dye printing of my dress fabric suggesting shadows of barbed wire. 

Untitled_Artwork 15.png
Untitled_Artwork 12.png

My design also incorporates leather barbed wire with the symbolic meaning of how women have to protect themselves, which is a poignant reminder of recent events and the reaction to these.

Untitled_Artwork 13.png

My fashion outcome contrasts structural and organic form and also take forward symbolic meaning for the audience to review and interpret… Barbed wire is also symbolic of the First World War and the length of my exhibition dress is reminiscent of that period – a period when suffering and tragedy became a catalyst for change…       

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