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eye see paracosms

rose homan

My artwork focuses on the visualisation of the concept of imagining paracosms i.e. detailed fictional worlds. Having engaged with the fantasy genre within films and books such as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland etc throughout my life, my work references similar imagery which combined with my own narratives and ideas creates new fun and quirky worlds. An important aspect of paracosm is having a fictional identity so within all these works I’ve explored the idea of including illustrations of women to symbolise myself, imagery of eyes is also a continuous feature, to enforce the concept of imagining these paracosms in third person- almost from a god-like perception. I find interest in different art processes, so using a range of materials was a really important aspect to this project and it gave me the chance to explore what I do and don’t enjoy. I didn’t want to lose that 3D aspect of a physical world so using clay to create a physical representation was an interesting part of this project due to figuring out the best way to visualise that to an audience while at the same time introducing a sense of tactility.

Untitled_Artwork 9.png

party at the pink castle

digital collage

farmyard in the sky with stars

digital collage

city in the ocean

digital collage

coronation- everyone welcome

digital collage

Untitled_Artwork 8.png

fish eat stars for dinner
gouache and acrylic


look into my eye
clay and acrylic


the moon is a mattress
clay and acrylic

Untitled_Artwork 13.png
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