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Honor Williams-Ellis

A look into people's stories about sexual abuse, rape and assault they have been through. Looking at their emotions and my own, to get a feel of what the victim experienced that day. This piece has been created to educate people on this subject as it is a taboo subject and is not talked about as much as it should be, and I want to show the words and phrases people used to describe their experience and I want the figures to demonstrate an uncomfortable situation. The bright colours used will create an effect to mislead the audience into a false sense of security, where they believe this is a happy installation but in fact you feel 'broken into'.

My inspiration has been originally drawn from a questionnaire/survey I made, which I posted on my social media. I asked a couple questions about peoples stories on sexual assault, harassment and rape and I created artwork as a response which lead to my final piece...

What/ who was your main inspiration?

The amount of newspaper articles about sexual harassment in the papers at the moment and is the protest at Bath spa main campus plus also personal and friends stories about the subject

Can you describe your colour palette of your final piece and what influenced it?

There is no specific colour palette I’m using but I’m trying to use colour to manipulate the viewer into a false sense of security. I also want to use colour to show emotion too.

What do you want people to remember from your final piece(s)?

I want them to educate themselves with my art and I want people to remember that this has become almost a normal thing and it shouldn’t be and people should understand that this is not right and this should not be happening still in the 21st-century

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