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My name is Hana Khan and I am a fine artist. Within my work I always try to capture colours and aesthetics I'm feeling when working on a certain piece. I feel this gives each painting its own identity and unique mood.

My artwork is inspired by the ideas of dreamscapes and the fantasy world. I used inspiration from my favorite childhood movies such as the 1953 Peter Pan animated film which influenced the aesthetic of my work and some of my favorite artists to date, that work around this magical concept.

Symbolism is a key subject of my work, including symbolic imagery from my own dreams that I  recorded from my memory and then created art work on.

My work combines digital and also physical paintings which I achieved with Procreate and acrylic paints, also I digitally explored the ideas of fantasy through the colour palettes that I decided to use.

Materials- digital art, acrylic painting, wood board, canvas material,  water colours.


What is the most interesting part of your project?

The most interesting part for me was researching the meanings of our dreams and connecting that to my physical work through symbolism.

What is the personal passion behind your project?

My personal passion behind this project is including my own feelings and emotions into my final piece. I’ve also always had a love for fairy tales and the fantasy world so it has been interesting for me to connect  that with the ideas of dreams through art.

Would you do anything differently looking back at your processes? If so, What?


Looking back to my processes I would have liked to explore the use of photography more  and seen how I could have included it within my final outcome.

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