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Jon Bryant

World Fragments

A short monochromatic animation exploring the concept of worldbuilding through a fictional narrative set in the post apocalypse where the world came to an end by magical rifts/portals. Created using applications such as Adobe Animate & Adobe Premiere Pro. Influenced by my passion for narratives as well as the fantasy genre.

World Narrative

 Ever since that day when the impossible became reality, the world has become a living hell. On the 8th of December 2021, the fabric of reality was torn, we do not know what occurred for this to transpire but dimensional rifts appeared across the globe. At first all we could figure out was that the rifts radiated a small amount of an unknown energy with unknown properties. In the following years mysterious deaths and odd sightings became an ever increasing normal until it happened again but this time the world had reached its breaking point. In greater scale more rifts tore their way into reality unleashing hordes of nightmarish abominations on the unprepared inhabitants as well as the radiation increasing a thousand-fold, altering everything it encountered from inanimate objects to the animals.

Software Used

Adobe Animate & Adobe Premiere Pro.

What is the personal passion behind your project?

The passion that is behind anything I create centres around my love for narrative and the way it is presented through the world and the characters found in different media, especially within anime, cartoons, manga as well as  video games.

Is your project more digital, or physical? Why?

I decided to go fully digital with my project because my ambitions delve into animation, especially with the work I will produce that brings the concept of worldbuilding to fruition through a range of animation put together highlighting different aspects of my own fabricated world.   

Did you challenge yourself? If so, How?

During the course of this project I certainly felt challenged creating my final piece due to the lack of experience I have with “Adobe Animate” the software I decided to use.

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