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Alice S

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Did you change your final idea at any point during the process, if so, why?

I wouldn't say I particularly changed my idea at any point. My final garments just sort of evolved as a consequence of my research and development through my experiments.

At the beginning i really thought I would be creating a hat, or large accessory that physically protects something out from sight. But I guess my project just carried me in a different direction!


What was the most challenging thing during the whole project?

I think that the most challenging thing I faced was knowing when to stop. both women and protection are such huge titles and become even bigger when put together. There was so much I could of and so many places I could go with this project, that at some points, it became overwhelming. 

I didn't want to explore too little, but I also didn't want to delve too deep! Its a sensitive and precious topic that needs to be explored but also respected.

Who/ what was your main inspiration?

I guess it was actually myself... As a young women living in the world today, I was the perfect example of who to focus my project on. This is the reason I used myself for all my research and experiments, as well as modelling the final garments on my own body, I wanted to put myself in the pieces of clothing to feel the sensation first hand and explore how I felt when wearing them.

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