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What is the human figure if it go through a black hole? Disturbing human figures? Could also be sort of an organic from, big or small?

An exaggerate “human figures” inspired by Sci-Fi books and other

Sci-Fi theories from the 50’s B-Movies. The use of broken sea shells

Ended up remaining me of the word decade like zombies.

“¿Qué pasaría al ser humano si cruza una agujero negro?

¿Inquietantes figuras humana? ¿También podría ser una forma organica, enorme o minuscula? Unas exageradas "figuras humanas" inspiradas en los libros de Ciencia Ficción y otras teorías de ciencia ficción de las películas catalogadas B de los años 50. El uso de caracolas marinas rotas terminó por recordarme la palabra década como los zombis.”

What Sci-Fi signifies in my work?


Explicit Glimpse

Mireia Arderiu Barceló


Mireia Arderiu Barceló


How it started everything.



My work shares my point of view and inspiration from other sci-fi writers and 50’s B-Movies.
Explicit Glimpse explore the idea of the unknown, activates our run or fight senses with painting,
sculpture or even videos with uncomfortable sound and even hypnotised gif’s.
This FMP was more of a research project to inspire my imagination to create figures that no one
has seen before, so one day I just got weir and start experimenting. The Sea Shells started from a
description from a sci-fi book, and the wood platforms came as the statues didn’t stand up by
their own. The theories that inspired me the most was time travel and black holes, literally the
unknown of science in the art theory. Tony Oursler a Multimedia and installation artist with Dave
Zackin a designer and a fine artist. Also, as The Scanner Darkly written book by Bob Arctor (1977)
and B-Movies.


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figment of dimentions

figment of dimentions

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